About STERN International

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Our Commitment

Finding a life partner usually takes a little more application than going on a few blind dates, adding your profile to an internet dating site or inviting a colleague out for dinner. The good news is that the effort doesn’t need to be all yours. We’re committed to helping you find your soulmate, wherever they are in the world. With over 40 years’ experience in international matchmaking, we know the formula for love that lasts.

How We Work

Think of us as your little black book of top-notch introductions. We take exquisite care to understand you and your aspirations so we can match your search with precision. And it all starts with the promise of commitment and a phone call.

Our fees start from £20,000 plus VAT. True love is priceless.

Our Members

Our members are intelligent professionals who value their free time. It makes sense to engage the experts when so much of your future happiness is at stake. After all, when you take love seriously, it can’t help but respond. Join our network of ‘keepers’ and look forward to being found.

Where We Work

Our matchmakers operate within 197 countries across 7 continents. That’s the beauty of a long-standing reputation for exceeding people’s expectations: the true seekers gravitate towards us. So whether you’re searching for a sweetheart in Sydney, a fiancé in France or new love in New York, we’ve got all the right contacts.